Advisory Board  


Chairman & CEO of
    Thompson Global Strategies Inc. (TGSI)
Co-Chairman of President George W. Bush’s
    Presidential Campaign Fund Raising Committee
Appointed by Governor George W. Bush in 1995
    to serve on the Board of Directors of the Texas
    Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, which
    oversees a $3.2 billion dollar Federal Student Loan
    Industry for The State of Texas.
Former Executive Director of the Young Republican
    National Federation (YRNF) in Washington D.C.
Special Advisor to the President’s Office at
    Jacksonville College in Jacksonville, Texas.
Appointed to the International Affairs Committee
   of the Texas Association of Business & Chambers of
   Commerce, Supporting Member of
   Houston World Affairs Council.



Former Global IT Vice President at CITIBANK.
Former IT VP at MARRIOT Corporation,
   managing a stuff of up to 250 people.
Worked as software developer and senior
    IT manager at IBM, the RAND Corporation
    and General Electric.
Degrees in BS from Yale, MS from Columbia,
    MBA from Wharton, and postgraduate
    degree from UCLA.


Former Senior Software Manager for
    Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC).
Experienced as senior manager in other companies,
    in the areas of software development, systems
    design, communications systems and others,
Janet has BA from the University of Texas,
    graduate degree in computer systems from UCLA,
    and MBA from Long Beach State University -

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