Why an off-site development center in Bulgaria?  

Bulgaria is a member of the European Council

Bulgaria is a non-permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nation

Political stability, public consensus on key social and economic priorities

Currency board arrangement stable and predictable macroeconomic environment

Official negotiations on Bulgarian EU membership started on March 28, 2000.
    Estimated accession - 2007

Liberal foreign trade regime

Free or improved access for industrial exports to 500 million consumer market

Privatisation opportunities in a growing economy

Developed infrastructure

Strategic geographic location - natural gateway to the large markets of CIS, Asia, Africa.
    Attractive infrastructure projects in transport, telecommunications and energy

Lowest cost center in Europe

Highly qualified specialists and skilled workforce

Full national treatment for foreign investment

Investment support for priority investment projects cutting start up and development costs

52 agreements on the mutual protection and promotion of foreign investments, 38 are effective

40 double taxation avoidance agreements, 35 are effective

Crime rate lower than the European average

doing business in Bulgaria